One- Time
Deep Cleaning

A Clean You Can Feel

Most professional organizers generally outsource their cleaning work, but I’m not “most organizers.” Deep cleaning is an essential part of the decluttering and organizing process. After all, if you’re dealing with a lot of clutter, you’re peeling back many layers, and there are bound to be a few surprises underneath.


My one-time deep cleaning is a companion service to Extreme Clutter Cleanouts and is highly recommended for scenarios that include estate cleanouts, downsizing, senior relocation, moving out or into a new home.


If you’re concerned that your home is too far gone, don’t be. As a professional organizer, I see some of the worst situations you can imagine, and I do not judge. Life happens, and we all need help once in a while. I’ve been there myself, and I know what it takes to get past these hurdles. No matter what state your home is in right now, I’m here to help. Once you decide this is what you want, you’re already on your way to the clean, pristine home you’ve always dreamed of having. 



Judgement- Free

Life happens. Mess happens. My job is to clean—not to judge! I’m here to help you reclaim your home and turn it back into your sanctuary.


Sustainable Solutions

Deep cleaning is top-to-bottom and inside-out. There’s no place I won’t go! Once the cleaning is done, I’ll make sure you have what you need to keep it organized and looking great.


Extreme Cleanups

No matter how far gone your home is, I guarantee it’s not the worst. My process is straightforward and systematic, and it always has a clean house at the end of it.


Fast, Efficient, Affordable

A clean, decluttered home is a great comfort, and you deserve it! I get to work quickly, and even if the job is extensive, you can look forward to seeing results almost immediately.