My Journey

Hello, I’m Katrina.
You can call me Kat.

Katrina Headshot
Professional Organizer
Katrina with family
Proud Mom
Katrina Skiing
Skiing Enthusiast & Tattoo Collector

The path I took to becoming a professional organizer was filled with many challenges, to say the least. In 2013, the house I was living in caught fire and burned to the ground, and I lost everything I valued. I was a single mom and a renter with no insurance.


The fire and its aftermath completely changed my perspective on life and became a catalyst to the person I’ve become.


I had—literally—nothing to lose. My day-to-day life was focused on survival. I was homeless for a time, did the rounds of couch tours and homeless shelters, and at one point, I was living in my car. My only desire was to have a stable home, and I worked very hard to make that happen.


Those years really opened my eyes and helped me understand the struggles that others sometimes face by no fault of their own. I was no longer driven by personal gain. My heart was filled with compassion, and I had a strong desire to help others in similar circumstances—and did so every chance I had.


I started my own business cleaning houses and had an incredible epiphany. I saw first-hand how a clean, organized home environment can make all the difference in people’s lives, even to the point of changing their entire outlook on life. It was a profound realization, knowing that what nourished me also nourished others. I never looked back.


I’ve built KTCO through hard work, dedication, and a relentless drive to manifest positive changes through what I do. Clean house, clean mind. It’s a simple idea, but why complicate things? It just works!


Since launching the company in 2017, I have helped countless people get through difficult circumstances in their homes. No matter what the state of clutter, mess, disorganization, no matter how monumental or emotionally draining the problem is, I am the light at the end of the tunnel.


I don’t mess around. I do not judge. I just get it done.


All this is to say, whatever you’re facing, no matter how you got there, I’ve been there too. My life isn’t perfect, but if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that sometimes, you need to challenge yourself to become the person you envision. Where you live, and the state of your home has everything to do with how you feel.


What I do might not fix everything, but it sure helps. When your environment is clean, organized, and free of clutter, your heart, mind, and soul will join the choir in perfect harmony.


It is a privilege to be part of your transformation. Now, let’s get to work!