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Your Home Therapy Specialist

Happy Home, Happy Heart
If your home is in chaos, it’s impossible to think clearly. I’ve made it my mission to turn your home back into a happy place and tame the clutter so you can get on with your life. No matter what state your home is in right now, I can help!

Fast & Efficient

I don’t mess around! I get down to work quickly, and there’s nothing I can’t handle. I guarantee you will see a positive change immediately.

Judgement Free

No matter the state of your home, I do not judge. I understand and empathize. What happens in your home stays between you and me.

I'm Da Bomb

Ask any of my clients, and they’ll tell you—there is no one as motivated as me to transform your home. Decluttering is my jam! I get it done!

Transformation Starts Here

Hi! I’m Katrina. Since launching KTCO in 2017, I have made it my life’s mission to assist others through challenging home circumstances. Full disclosure—I am not your textbook professional organizer. I did not grow up in a perfect world where there was a place for everything and everything in its place. But I do know how transformational an organized home can be. I can help you create more time, space, energy in your home so you can focus on living your best life.


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Relocating Services

Moving is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. So much can go wrong! Hiring a professional organizer (instead of movers, who couldn’t care less) to pack and unpack your home will ensure a seamless and pleasurable transition.

One Time Deep Cleaning

A professional organizer who organizes and deep cleans? You read that right! Cleaning goes hand-in-hand with organizing, and it’s a big part of the process. Along with a decluttered home, you’ll get the benefit of a deep-clean to go with your fresh start.

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Donate and Keep clothes piles


I am a full-service professional organizer with a reputation for getting shit done. Best of all, I can accomplish what I do in a short space of time, so you won’t have to put your life on hold. I want you to start enjoying your home again ASAP!

Extreme Clutter Cleanouts

Living in extreme clutter is overwhelming. If you find yourself in this situation, whether it’s your home or a loved one’s, I can help. I know what needs to be done, and I will help you get there. No judgment, no stress, no kidding!

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Am I the Right Professional Organizer for You?

Do you need a transformation?

I talk about decluttering your home, but what I really do is so much more. It’s about transformation, organization, new systems, positive changes… I like to call it “home therapy” because it has the potential to change your whole outlook on life. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming home that reflects the life and aesthetic you want to live. If you’re struggling to achieve these goals, hiring a professional organizer like me will bring it all into focus.

Are your time, peace of mind, and happiness important to you?

By engaging with me, you understand that the clutter and chaos in your home are getting in the way of living the life you desire. If you are genuinely ready to reclaim your home, get your life back, and see amazing results, this is where it starts.

Are you able to let go and trust the process?

Hiring a professional organizer is not a decision that comes easily for some. Just know that I am here to solve problems, and I will always have your best interests at heart. However, for the process to succeed, I need you to trust me. It won’t always be easy, and it might not happen overnight, but I guarantee you’ll see results within the first few hours.

Are you okay with tattoos?

I do not judge, and I expect the same from my clients. I am a judgment-free zone! Full disclosure, I have lots of tattoos. Please accept me for who I am. The skin I’m in does not affect the work I do.